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RSD Academy is a free online vocational school. Prepare for an exciting new career with one of our complete courses. Study from anywhere in the world and pay no tuition.

Our course in Electronics Technology is ready for enrollment. Join us and prepare for a career as a Certified Electronics Technician.

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At RSD Academy education is free. We are financed through voluntary donations and sponsors. A basic pledge is only $1.00 per month. Go to Patreon to make a pledge. Please explore other ways you can help keep education free. You can be part of the next revolution in vocational education.

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Train for a career in electronics technology, information technology or fiber optic technology. Prepare to become a certified electronics technician, computer technician or fiber optic technician.* Real structured courses, not just video lectures. All courses are free other than voluntary donations.

* After completing Courses at RSD Academy, you will be well-positioned to attempt several certification exams. We do not guarantee that anyone will pass these exams. Certification is offered by organizations that are not affiliated with RSD Academy. These organizations charge fees to attempt their certification exams.