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About the Founder

Our founder, Bob DuHamel, earned an associate degree in electronics technology from San Diego Mesa College. For ten years he worked as an engineering technician for several companies. When the PC became ubiquitous, he transitioned to that field, where he developed custom programs and maintaining computer networks for small businesses. In 1998 he began his teaching career at a small technical school preparing students to take CompTIA's  A+ exam and the ETA International CNST exam. At that school, he led the team that developed the original CNCT exam for ETA International. In 2003, while working at a nationally accredited vocational school, he was assigned the task of developing an academic course in electronics technology, information technology and fiber optic technology. The unique nature of this highly compressed course required that he build the entire curriculum, including writing a series of textbooks. This program inspired the courses at RSD Academy.