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Hall of Patrons


Multiple industries face a critical shortage of electronics technicians. RSD Academy offers free vocational education to help people begin new careers as electronics technicians. This is made possible by our generous patrons and sponsors. The following patrons donate $3.00 per month or more to keep vocational education free at RSD Academy.

$25.00 or more per month

Become a major contributor to RSD Academy. Contact Bob DuHamel at to discuss details.

$10.00 per month

Ben Eater - Watch his YouTube videos about building an 8-bit computer.

$5.00 per month

Christian Grothaus
Michal Woznica
Jason Kieft
Michael Double
Andreas Parels
Chris Webb

$3.00 per month

Tom McCobb
Duncan Coats
Jason Zuveta
Matt Dennison
Michael Allums