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Licensing and Certification

After completing the courses at RSD Academy, you will have a good foundation to attempt exams for several certifications and licenses. Most jobs for which our courses prepare you do not require a license. One exception is that a General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL) is required to work on radio transmitting equipment in the United States. Some businesses require certification as a matter of policy. Regardless of business policy, certification shows that you are willing to prepare for and demonstrate your knowledge through the certification process. The business you want to work for will know that you meet a certain level of competency and are prepared to do the job or be further trained to meet their needs. This will give you an edge in the hiring process.

The Electronics Technicians Association (ETA International) is authorized to deliver the GROL exam and offers multiple levels of certification in electronics technology, information technology and fiber optic technology. To learn more about becoming a certified electronics technician, visit their site linked below.

See our friends at ETA International and learn how to become a certified electronics technician.*


* RSD Academy and ETA International have the common goal of promoting careers in electronics technology, information technology and fiber optic technology but are not affiliated.