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A Shortage of Skilled People

The Electronics Technicians Association (ETA International)* reports that there is a critical shortage of electronics technicians. Today's technicians are retiring faster than the next generation is being trained to replace them

Nowhere to Train

The Electronics Technicians Association is engaged in a campaign to interest people in careers in electronics. However, although many universities have programs in electrical engineering, there are fewer options for those who are interested in electronics service and repair. Some community colleges still have excellent electronics technology programs, but many have curtailed or eliminated such programs. Private vocational schools are excellent places to train and enter the workforce quickly. However, many such schools have phased out their electronics courses or closed altogether. Students interested in electronics technology have dwindling choices.

Learn Anywhere at RSD Academy

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to prepare for a career as an electronics technician. No matter where you are, you can prepare for a new career as an electronics technician at RSD Academy.


* RSD Academy and ETA International have the common goal of promoting careers in electronics technology, information technology and fiber optic technology but are not affiliated.