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RSD Academy is based in the United States of America and is therefore not subject to the European Union cookie laws. However, for your information, here is how RSD Academy uses cookies, session variables and other persistent storage:

When you register as a student at RSD Academy, we request minimal personal information. We do not share this information with anyone unless you specifically request that we do so. We may store short-term or long-term persistent data (session variables and cookies) related to your use of the website. This data may be stored on our server or in your browser. This information is used to authenticate you when you log in or load secure pages after logging in. It also allows you to track your progress. We do not share this data with anyone. RSD Academy uses Google Adsense to display advertisements. We do not share your personal information with Google. However, Google uses cookies to track users at RSD Academy and other websites. Here is Google's privacy policy and how to opt out of their personalized advertising.