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Electronics Technology

Electronics Technology

The Electronics Technology course at RSD Academy trains students in basic electronics skills. Areas of study include DC Circuits, AC Circuits, Semiconductor Devices, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits and Communications Circuits. Successful students will be prepared for immediate employment as entry-level electronics technicians. Successful students will also be well-positioned to attempt the Associated Certified Electronics Technician exam from ETA International.1 Our course also lays the foundation for advanced studies such as electrical engineering.2 Electronics technology is a field of growth and opportunity. There is a strong demand for well-trained electronics technicians. Employment opportunities exist in many areas such as computers, communications, transportation, aerospace, industrial controls, medical electronics and many other fields. Electronics technicians are typically involved in testing and troubleshooting of circuits and systems as well as field maintenance and repair. The employment outlook is excellent in most regions.

Electronics technicians are in demand in most markets. Earlier generations of technicians are reaching retirement age and there is a shortage of trained technicians to take their places. Electronics technology is an employee's market.

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1 RSD Academy and ETA International have the common goal of promoting careers in electronics technology, information technology and fiber optic technology, but are not affiliated.
2 Coursework at RSD Academy is not transferable to universities. However, our free courses can give you a head start in university-level engineering courses.