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A Shortage of Skilled People and Nowhere to Learn

The Electronics Technicians Association (ETA International) reports that there is a critical shortage of electronics technicians. They are engaged in a campaign to interest people in careers in electronics. However, although many universities have programs in electrical engineering, there are fewer options for those who are interested in electronics service and repair. Some community colleges still have excellent electronics technology programs, but others have curtailed or eliminated such programs. Private vocational schools are an excellent choice to train and enter the workforce quickly. However, many such schools have phased out their electronics courses or closed altogether. Students interested in electronics technology have dwindling choices.

No matter where you are, you can learn electronics technology at RSD Academy.

Resources for Instructors

RSD Academy has textbooks, video lectures, supplemental videos and other resources. Use RSD Academy to supplement your curriculum or as your complete curriculum.1


RSD Academy has the structured online courses you need for your education. These include reading assignments from our textbooks, video lectures, supplemental videos, and other resources. We also have a testing system where you can evaluate your progress and document your education. Our plans include working with companies and corporations to provide opportunities for mentored hands-on learning.

Is a brick and mortar school with live instructors your best option? RSD Academy is still here for you. We offer supporting resources and another point of view. RSD Academy is a great way to supplement your learning experience.

Tuition and Financial Aid

RSD Academy is financed by sponsorships and free will donations. As such, we have no tuition or financial aid. RSD Academy is able to provide free education and free resources to educators because of our generous sponsors and patrons at Patreon. If you benefit from RSD Academy—whether through free education, free resources or because we are preparing more skilled people as potential employees—please consider sponsoring RSD Academy or pledging a donation. Go to for more information. Thank you.

About the Founder

Our founder, Bob DuHamel, earned an associate degree in electronics technology from San Diego Mesa College. For ten years he worked as an engineering technician for several companies. When the PC became ubiquitous, he transitioned to that field, where he developed custom programs and maintaining computer networks for small businesses. In 1998 he began his teaching career at a small technical school preparing students to take CompTIA's  A+ exam and the ETA International CNST exam. At that school, he led the team that developed the original CNCT exam for ETA International. In 2003, while working at a nationally accredited vocational school, he was assigned the task of developing an academic course in electronics technology, information technology and fiber optic technology. The unique nature of this highly compressed course required that he build the entire curriculum, including writing a series of textbooks. This program inspired the courses at RSD Academy.

Licensing and Certification

After completing the courses at RSD Academy, you will be well-positioned to attempt exams for several certifications and licenses. Most jobs for which our courses prepare you do not require a license. One exception is that a General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL) is required to work on radio transmitting equipment in the United States. Some businesses require certification as a matter of policy. Regardless of business policy, certification shows that you are willing to prepare for and demonstrate your knowledge through the certification process. The business you want to work for will know that you meet a certain level of competency and are prepared to do the job or be further trained to meet their needs. This will give you an edge in the hiring process.

The Electronics Technicians Association (ETA International) is authorized to deliver the GROL exam and offers multiple levels of certification in electronics technology, information technology and fiber optic technology. To learn more about becoming a certified electronics technician, visit their site linked below.

See our friends at ETA International and learn how to become a certified electronics technician.2

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1 RSD Academy is still under construction. However, we have textbooks and other materials ready for DC Electronics, AC Electronics, Solid State Devices, Analog Circuits and Digital Circuits. Our curriculum on Communications Circuits is finishing development.
2 RSD Academy and ETA International have the common goal of promoting careers in electronics technology, information technology and fiber optic technology, but are not affiliated.